Protecting your ears from noise or water is the most crucial way to help prevent hearing loss. Whether you’re a musician needing protectors with a linear filter or in-ear monitors, we have the solutions for your specific hearing needs.

Swimming earplugs

Made to measure in only 24 hours

Protect your ears from possible infections caused by contact with water. Public swimming pools, ear infections or simple prevention – our centre makes hearing aids to measure in only 24 hours.

Made-to-measure ear moulds for hunters

Hearing Protection

The latest in audio protection for hunters. An advanced digital technology model adapted to a made-to-measure ear mould that doesn’t interfere with your movement.

Industrial hearing protection

Designed for industrial environments and food industry work

The Work hearing protector is made from transparent silicone. It offers the ideal combination of maximum comfort and efficient protection from noise.

It features a small grip which facilitates installation and removal from the ear canal. It is fully inserted in the inside of the ear and is practically invisible, avoiding rubbing and impacts.

Musical hearing protection

Specially-designed solutions for professionals in the music industry (orchestra members, singers, technicians, etc.) and hearing protection for festivals, clubs and concerts.

Universal hearing protectors

High-quality Uni-Fit earplugs for all situations – a wide range!