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The Hearing Centre

In 1977, José Luis Domínguez Lledó founded the first centre specialising in hearing prostheses in Malaga province. For the past 40 years, our goal has been preventing hearing loss and providing advice and assessment for treating different hearing problems.

Professionalism and friendly and efficient service are our watchwords; we make full use of our experience and technology to better serve our clients.

We think life sounds good and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it.

Know Our Team

José Luis Domínguez Lledó

Image of international congress in the 70s
In 1977, the Madrid optician José Luis Domínguez Lledó founded the first Hearing Center in the province of Malaga. His still remembered vocation for public service led him to create a cabinet exclusively dedicated to the adaptation of hearing aids.

More than 45 years later, we can affirm that he was not wrong in betting on a technology that continues to improve the quality of life of people with hearing problems.

Our Team

Our team of qualified professionals take part in continuous professional development programs and have mastered the very latest technology and methodology in audioprosthetic adaptation and fitting. 

Alicia Domínguez

Antonia Ortega
Audiologist / Electronic Technician

Fabio Cristofalo

Maria José Jaime

Florencia Hoet
Speech Therapist