The widest range on the market

In the José Luis Domínguez Hearing Centre you will find hearing aids adapted to both your hearing and your budget. Our finance options are unbeatable. Try our invisible hearing aids during a month without obligation.


ReSound ONE
Providing the ultimate truly personalised hearing experience, it allows you to hear the most natural sound with your own ears. Includes Resound Smart 3D app. Rechargeable option. Ultra focus. M&RIE.

ReSound LINX Quattro
High-performance hearing aids that provide reassurance in the most subtle of details and outstanding sound quality in any environment. Includes Resound Smart 3D app. Rechargeable option.
ReSound Key
Modern and user-friendly hearing aids with great sound for everyday life. Resound Smart 3D app. Rechargeable option.
ReSound ENZO Q

A complete solution for severe to profound hearing loss with a clear, comfortable and high-quality sound. Includes Smart 3D app.


OMNIA hearing aids are ReSound’s latest flagship range, expanded in February 2023. They offer a variety of styles, including four receiver-in-the-ear (RIE) models, two behind-the-ear (BTE) models, and three custom in-ear headphones. They are designed to improve hearing in noisy environments and feature improved directional microphones. Most models are compatible with the Smart 3D App, offer Bluetooth streaming, are rechargeable, and have the highest rating for water and dirt protection.


Oticon More miniRITE R

A discreet and rechargeable option that grants you access to all relevant sounds. Oticon More helps the brain to interpret sounds and is easy to operate thanks to its pulsating double button for volume and program control.

Oticon Xceed

Specially created for people with severe to profound hearing loss, the compact Oticon Xceed BTE SP features a pulsating double button for volume control and an independent button to switch programs.

Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn is an invisible intracanal hearing aid placed deep within the ear. It features a small imperceptible plastic extractor thread which makes for easy removal.

Oticon Xceed Play

The most powerful hearing aid for children with severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon Xceed Play BTE UP optimises your child’s hearing capacity.

Oticon Real

It has MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 and MoreSound Amplifier 2.0, both with the Polaris R platform, offering an improved listening experience. It can manage annoying noises, allows hands-free communication and is compatible with iPhone and some Android models. It also highlights sounds of interest and reduces background noise. It is available in various models and technology levels for comfortable listening.

Oticon Own

Custom in-ear hearing aids, discreet, and with Bluetooth connectivity. They are almost invisible in most ears and have a Deep Neural Network (DNN) trained on 12 million real sound scenes, thanks to the Polaris platform. Bluetooth™ Low Energy technology allows hands-free calls and video calls from iOS and some Android™ devices.


Audéo Paradise

With completely new hardware, Audéo Paradise has an outstanding audio performance and boasts various features: clear and natural sound, excellent word comprehension, personalised noise cancelling, voice assistance, smartphone and TV connection, and more.

Phonak Naída Paradise

The next level BTE, featuring powerful sound, connection to smartphones, TV, smart apps and more. Combining new hardware and improved software, Naída Paradise provides a solution to your hearing needs in multiple sound environments. New features include speech enhancement, dynamic noise cancellation, movement sensor and more.

Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium

The latest in super discreet tailor-made hearing aids. Made of titanium, this is Phonak’s smallest hearing aid; it’s so discreet that no one will know how well you hear. Featuring exceptional sound from the very first fitting.

Sky Marvel paediatric range
Allows children to form strong bonds by providing clear and varied sound and access to more words and conversations every day. AutoSense Sky OS is the first operating system in the world specifically designed for children.

Audeo Lumity

This hearing aid offers better understanding in noisy environments, reduces listening effort and provides universal connectivity to Bluetooth, iOS® and Android™ devices. In addition, it is waterproof, tracks health data, allows personalized noise cancellation, and has access to voice assistants. Available in 4 technology levels and eight different colors.


Philips HearLink

For people suffering from hearing loss, the greatest challenge is communicating in loud environments. Although the majority of hearing aids can provide acceptable assistance in quiet places, a sophisticated technology is required for efficient support in noisy situations.


Styletto X

Styletto X is the perfect hearing aid for those who don’t want to give up their active lifestyle due to hearing loss. The first SLIM-RIC in the world combines exceptional and award-winning design and portable recharging capacity, interchangeable ear phones and Bluetooth connectivity with clear sound and speech comprehension.