Solutions to help you hear in difficult situations

Sistemas FM

FM systems are solutions to hear in difficult situations such as restaurants, meetings, in vehicles, a class with students, etc. It is a wireless system connected to a hearing aid and transmits the sound you want to hear directly to your ear, regardless of where the receiver is.

At the José Luis Domínguez Hearing Centre we are at the forefront of installation and monitoring of these devices in educations centres. The centre participated in a joint project alongside the Andalusia Education Commission to improve educational conditions in up to 93 schools in Malaga and across the province.

FM systems are one of the best and most practical tools to ensure that a teacher’s voice is heard perfectly by any person with hearing problems.

The person speaking wears a transmitter microphone or situates themselves in the middle of a group. The FM system, by means of harmless frequency modulation waves, sends the signal to the listener, who has a small FM receiver placed behind their ear.

FM receivers can be incorporated into any hearing aid and function just as well in a closed space as in the open air.

They don’t require any installation and in the José Luis Domínguez Hearing Centre we are specialised in providing support to ensure that these devices function correctly.

Testimonio de cliente

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